GIS @ Schools (Integrated m-Governance and GIS Platform for School Education Sector, Madhya Pradesh)

About GEO Mapper App

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GIS@Schools initiative of MP School Education Dept. and NIC, MP is aimed at creating a comprehensive GIS and Web Platform for scientific planning and proactive governance of schools so as to facilitate compliance of various provisions of the RTE Act 2009.

The initiative involves design, development and implementation of an ‘School Geo-Mapper’ App. It is an Android based App designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data and geo-tagged photographs of various facilities and other infrastructure in schools.

The App can be installed on any Android based smart phone that is equipped with GPS facilities. It can also be installed on phablets, tablets with android and GPS facilities. The App is well integrated with the school Education Portal and is able to interact with education portal and its domain specific live data like schools, enrollments, facilities and infrastructure etc.

It also involves web-interface for viewing the geo-tagged schools, photographs of the schools and executing various geo-spatial queries for planning and management.

The App can be used by the Sub-engineers, Block Resource Coordinators, Block Academic Coordinators, Janshikshaks, teachers for capturing and uploading the geo-tagged information. They will continue to use their education Portal user name and passwords for uploading the information

The portal also records the unique Id of individual, IMEI number of the device, mobile no of the SIM of the device that has been used for uploading the GIS information and geo-tagged photos.

The app can be obtained from Mr. Vaibhav of RSK, Bhopal.

Need of GIS@Schools

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 requires the State to ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by all children of 6-14 years. As per the Act the term “compulsory education” means obligation of the State government is mainly to

  • Provide free elementary education to every child of age of six to fourteen years.
  • Ensure compulsory admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by every child of the age of six to fourteen years.
  • Ensure availability of neighborhood schools.
  • Ensure infrastructure including schools and teaching staff and learning equipment.

Use of GIS for ensuring the availability of neighborhood schools (item c)

Implementation of above requirement makes it mandatory for the State government to have a primary school with in a 1 KM radius of every habitation and a middle school within a radius of 3 KMs. Proactive and effective implementation requires opening of new schools in habitations where the schools are not functional and identification, rationalization and relocation of surplus schools that are located in the same location.

The School Geo-Mapper App along with the enrollment, Teachers and other MIS data available on the Education Portal and SAMAGRA will help in geo-tagging of schools, and capturing of the geo-tagged photographs of the schools. The platform will facilitate analysis of the GIS data of the schools, meshing with enrollment, habitation population and other MIS data and will help the government in identification of the schools that are to be rationalized and relocated. It will also facilitate the identification of the habitations where new schools are to be operated so as to make available schools in neighborhood as per the norms.

Use of GIS for ensuring infrastructure including schools and teaching staff and learning equipment (item d)

RTE norms also make it mandatory for the government to ensure that availability of all-weather School Building with following minimum and basic facilities and infrastructure

  • At least pone class room for every teacher
  • Office-cum-store-cum-head techers room
  • Barrier Free Access class (ramp for Children for Special Needs)
  • Separate toilets for girls and boys
  • Safe and Adequate drinking water facilities for all children
  • A kitchen where midday meal is cooked,
  • Play ground
  • Arrangements for securing the school building by boundary walls or fencing.

Adequate funds have been made available to Govt. schools under SSA program of GoI for ensuring availability and compliance of the above facilities and infrastructure.

GIS platform and the ‘School-Geo-mapper’ App helps the government functionary to capture the geo-tagged photographs of the above required facilities and infrastructure at the schools so as to ensure the compliance of norms of the RTE act, 2009. The geo-tagged photographs are also making available on the education portal for online dissemination, public scrutiny and social audit.