Human Resource Management System (HRMIS)
Requirement of MINIMUM teachers for appointment in Govt. Primary/Middle Schools of Madhya Pradesh
Need of Report - As per Government norms  MINIMUM   TWO teachers are to be posted in every Primary School and THREE teachers in Middle School.
Every month  teachers are retiring  creating new vacancies. In manual system of operations, the administrators did not have need live and updated data of the vacancies in various schools to plan the recruitment and transfers. This report facilitates the live position of the requirements to the administrators.

Logic of the Report:
1. This report use the payroll data of schools to find out the number of teachers that are currently posted in the schools and generate the actual requirement of the teachers that are required to be appointed/posted in the schools to meet the norms.
2. It may be noted that actual requirements as per RTE norms and as per PTR norms shall be higher.
3. A seperate report is available to view the requirements pf teachers (as per RTE/PTR norms) in various schools of the State.

Who should use the report-
This report can be used by the district administrators to appoint new teachers and rationalize the posting of the teachers  so that  all the schools have teachers as per the Norms
Calculate the requirement of teachers in