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1 30/07/2019Guest pending vetanFinance131538 View
2 10/10/2017Deo Katni: Guest teacher ke manday ghugtan sambandhi nirdeshGuest Faculty30189 View
3 14/08/2017Arjent Guest Teacher ReletedAcademic23157 View
4 13/04/2017PROPOSAL FOR ADDITIONALTY FACULTY IN HSS 2017-18Academic1085 View
5 12/09/2016guest teacher pay payment nirdeshAcademic91816 View
6 24/08/2016Guest rikt pad for PS MS 24-8-16Guest Faculty10035 View
7 24/08/2016Guest rikt pad for PS MS 24-8-16 RemainingGuest Faculty20838 View
8 08/08/2016Guest Teacher Ke Sambandh Me Shalabar Jankari Uplabdh Karane BabatGuest Faculty26946 View
9 04/08/2016Guest Teacher Selection Ke Sambandh Me NirdeshEstablishment31042 View
10 27/07/2016Guest rikt pad In Highschool 2016Guest Faculty11472 View
11 27/07/2016Guest rikt pad In Higher secondry School 2016Guest Faculty16304 View
12 21/07/2016Guest Faculty 2016 FOR MSGuest Faculty21584 View
13 21/07/2016Guest faculty list for PS 2016Guest Faculty14328 View
14 11/07/2016necessary guide line for guest teacher app.Establishment12253 View
15 19/05/2016Speaking Order for Guest Teachers.Legal cell13760 View
16 19/05/2016Speaking order for guest teachers in M.P. (W.P. 16/2016 Smt. Manisha Raghuwanshi)Legal cell25652 View
17 02/01/2016INCRIEASMENT OF DATE TILL 15-04-2016 FOR GUEST TEACHERS AMANTARANGuest Faculty33947 View
19 31/12/2015Guest Teacher Details JBPAcademic12620 View
20 04/11/2015Guest PostEstablishment15187 View
21 15/10/2015Guest Teacher DetailsAcademic21933 View
22 08/10/2015Extra Post For GUEST FACULTYGuest Faculty7613 View
23 08/10/2015guest teachar sansodhit listEstablishment10092 View
24 05/10/2015related to guest teacherAcademic6262 View
25 16/09/2015Guest Teacher jankari Dist. morenaEstablishment6059 View
26 14/09/2015guest teacher infoAcademic5429 View
27 14/09/2015guest teacher infoAcademic2585 View
28 30/07/2015Guest faculty VARG - 3 in PS DATIAAcademic5666 View
29 30/07/2015Guest Faculty VARG-2 IN HSS/MS DATIAAcademic5805 View
30 30/07/2015guest faculty VARG-1 IN HSS DATIAAcademic2655 View
31 20/07/2015Order Guest Teacher 2015-16 DEO RewaAcademic8558 View
32 18/07/2015GUEST TEACHER INSTRUCTION 2015 DISTT.BETULAcademic9179 View
33 07/05/2015appointment of guest teacherAcademic19819 View
34 28/01/2015commerce guest teacher informationEvaluation4325 View
35 23/01/2015related to payment of guest teacherAcademic6229 View
36 13/01/2015related to guest teacherAcademic4094 View
37 08/01/2015Guest Teacher Seva badhaye Jane ke sambandh me- DEO RewaAcademic5947 View
38 23/12/2014related to new facultyAcademic189 View
39 20/12/2014District Hoshangabad- Half Yearly Exam,Guest Faculty and CWSN A/C No Related Meeting 23-12-2014Education Portal4951 View
40 11/12/2014addl faculty praposal at hssEvaluation99 View