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Provisions of Right to Education Act, 2009
View e-Payment Orders Generated for Reimbursement of Fee to Private Schools
S.No.BlockProposal IDSchool
No of Students whose Fee Reimbursed
AmountSchool Bank Account NoSchool bank Branch IFS CodeTransaction DateStatus
1 Indore Urban 2164304Mgn Public High School 75,123******110001723BKID000880217/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
2 Indore Urban 2164495Valmik Convent School 30,933******5160CBIN028349917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
3 Indore Urban 2158812Pragmetic Public High School 8,800******33815SBIN001577017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
4 Indore Urban 2158485Mega Mind Academy 1,85,500******00017037BARB0COLIND17/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
5 Indore Urban 2150324JAIN DIWAKAR VIDYA NIKETAN 26,095******00007429UCBA000025817/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
6 Indore Urban 2154450Ideal Academy 2,87,235******32790SBIN000120017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
7 Indore Urban 2156487Gyan Jyoti Public School 87,961******00010315PSIB000073417/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
8 Indore Urban 2158256Mgm High School 1,06,056******003100BKDN081112217/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
9 Indore Urban 2154709VEENA VADINI VIDYA MANDIR 23,850******0018425UTBI0IND63017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
10 Indore Urban 2148123VIDYA VIJAY BAL MANDIR 53,028******010050297UBIN055437517/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
11 Indore Urban 2154188Zenith International Academy 61,866******2368CBIN028363917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
12 Indore Urban 2158094ABHILASHA VIDHYA MANDIR 30,933******2114CBIN028349917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
13 Indore Urban 2160792Shri Kardhar Bal Vinay Mandir 36,000******14164SBIN001176317/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
14 Indore Urban 2164602BABA PUBLIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL 7,600******81960SBIN001577017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
15 Indore Urban 2156608Vedik Bal Niketan H S School 2,43,045******1011578CNRB000262217/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
16 Indore Urban 2159751Vedik Bal Niketan H S School 22,095******1011578CNRB000262217/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
17 Indore Urban 2157132SHREE CHITRAGUPT BAL NIKETAN HIGH SCHOOL 11,700******0100042617PUNB021570017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
18 Indore Urban 2163891Nageshwar Higher Secondary School 34,138******00001160BARB0HIGMIG17/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
19 Indore Urban 2154729Sunrise Intergarden Higher Secondry School 2,16,531******011000288ANDB000124417/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
20 Indore Urban 2152782Bal Niketan No.2 30,450******90761MAHB000010617/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
21 Indore Urban 2156413Sanskriti Madhyamik Vidhyalaya 66,285******004968BKDN081108717/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
22 Indore Urban 2160901UNIQUE CAREER ACADEMY 2,69,559******110003149BKID000880417/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
23 Indore Urban 2151153Neelakash H.S.S. 31,400******2100012452PUNB021570017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
24 Indore Urban 2157972Neelakash H.S.S. 14,000******2100012452PUNB021570017/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
25 Indore Urban 2160529ADARSH BOUDDHIK H.S.S. 57,447******33661ALLA021196617/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
26 Indore Urban 2155597TELIPHONE NAGAR HIGH SCHOOL 62,100******90541SBIN003012917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
27 Indore Urban 2160703Ashutosh Public School 53,028******2396CBIN028349917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
28 Indore Urban 2159307Kiran Public School 1,67,922******40150SBIN003001617/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
29 Indore Urban 2160643SARASWATI SHISHU MANDIR, H.S.S., SAINATH COLONY INDORE 75,123******00004260UCBA000052517/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
30 Indore Urban 2152916Sainath Vidhya Niketan 30,514******65845SBIN003014417/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
31 Indore Urban 2159291AMULYA RAJSHRI BAL VINAY MANDIR 66,109******2978CBIN028349917/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
32 Indore Urban 2156523Noble Public School 44,190******010037037UBIN055249617/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
33 Indore Urban 2159519sunrise convent 2,34,207******10002235SYNB000780617/11/2018Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)