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View e-Payment Orders Generated for Reimbursement of Fee to Private Schools
S.No.BlockProposal IDSchool
No of Students whose Fee Reimbursed
AmountSchool Bank Account NoSchool bank Branch IFS CodeTransaction DateStatus
1 BERASIA181624NUTAN BAL VIDHYA MANDIR NEEMKHEDI 4,30,800******110009055BKID000902310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
2 BERASIA181556Golden Future Public School Arrawati Berasia 7,60,960******110009725BKID000901610/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
3 BERASIA181571jay convent shcool village parsora 4,54,720******1009133CNRB000317610/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
4 PHANDA GRAMIN180528Disha Deep Public Higer Sec.School 5,05,760******010008989UBIN054062510/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
5 PHANDA GRAMIN177718Saraswati Gyan Mandir Tara Sewnia 1,06,580******78664SBIN00I508010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
6 PHANDA GRAMIN174855NEW JYOTI HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL NEELBAD BHOPAL 1,99,520******110001337BKID000903710/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
7 PHANDA GRAMIN177723AARTI GYAN MANDIR BAGONIYA 5,56,800******110003301BKID000907110/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
8 PHANDA URBAN (New City)178372DYNAMIC PUBLIC H.S.SCHOOL 13,22,400******640IDIB000B02210/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
9 PHANDA URBAN (New City)176203SANSKAR SHISHU MANDIR MIDDLE 43,040******110007286BKID000900910/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
10 PHANDA URBAN (New City)181628MARIGOLD PUBLIC SCHOOL 1,70,890******10011355UCBA000066310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
11 PHANDA URBAN (New City)180335Sanchi Public School 48,768******1015055CNRB000254410/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
12 PHANDA URBAN (New City)183106Sanchi Public School 4,356******1015055CNRB000254410/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
13 PHANDA URBAN (New City)175905BHARTIYA VIDYHA NIKETAN HIGHER SECONDAYR SCHOOL. 78,880******010010305UBIN054029310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
14 Phanda Urban (Old City)183088LITTLE ANGEL PUBLIC SCHOOL 92,800******02170SBIN003051410/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
15 Phanda Urban (Old City)178656IMPERIAL HR. SEC. SCHOOL 6,87,880******68460ALLA021041610/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
16 Phanda Urban (Old City)178809Naveen Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School Peer Gate, Bhopal 78,880******2235CBIN028130010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
17 Phanda Urban (Old City)178912BRIGHT CAREER CONVENT SCHOOL 4,31,520******100042979ANDB000152710/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
18 Phanda Urban (Old City)179594St. Michaels H.S School Bhopal 6,82,080******35455SBIN000386310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
19 Phanda Urban (Old City)182455Rose Mery Convent School 1,80,960******0100298155PUNB000540010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
20 Phanda Urban (Old City)181027MOHAMMAD SHAFI QURESHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, BHOPAL 2,87,680******0100288273PUNB000540010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
21 Phanda Urban (Old City)181011B.S.CONVENT H.S.SCHOOL SHABRI NAGAR 4,73,280******2935CBIN028349310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
22 Phanda Urban (Old City)178385S.V.R. Public High School 2,86,300******18573SBIN001014410/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
23 Phanda Urban (Old City)180673MARVELLOUS PUBLIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, BHOPAL 4,22,240******13083SBIN000579310/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
24 Phanda Urban (Old City)179938SENGAR PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL 2,69,120******36194SBIN000157710/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
25 Phanda Urban (Old City)177223KALPATARU MIDDIL SCHOOL 82,040******0199981703PUNB012570010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
26 Phanda Urban (Old City)178392OXFORD CONVENT SCHOOL 2,69,120******0114CBIN028309010/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
27 Phanda Urban (Old City)181260G.B. PANT HIGH SCHOOL 4,59,360******10051016UCBA000013610/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
28 Phanda Urban (Old City)178277GYANDEEP VIDHYA MANDIR HIGHE SCHOOL 3,29,440******010027204VIJB000760110/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
29 Phanda Urban (Old City)181435SURAJ PREMIER CONVENT HR. SEC. SCHOOL 8,28,080******47759ALLA021019610/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
30 Phanda Urban (Old City)180619Upadhayay Public School 1,29,920******74165ALLA021054210/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
31 Phanda Urban (Old City)181788Rose Mary School 1,06,720******60887SBIN000157710/07/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)