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Madhya Pradesh RTE Portal
A suite of online applications to facilitate and enforce Effective & Transparent implementation of various
Provisions of Right to Education Act, 2009
View e-Payment Orders Generated for Reimbursement of Fee to Private Schools
S.No.BlockProposal IDSchool
No of Students whose Fee Reimbursed
AmountSchool Bank Account NoSchool bank Branch IFS CodeTransaction DateStatus
1 HOSHANGABAD181343Balak Dhurva Public School Purani Itarsi 17,676******003390BKDN081063204/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
2 HOSHANGABAD186005Saint Xaviers Higher Secondary School 17,676******0100194334PUNB020090004/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
3 HOSHANGABAD188058SHRI MAHAVEER JAIN HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL 6,000******23883772HDFC000077304/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
4 HOSHANGABAD189366FRINEDS (QUAKER) GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, ITARSI 10,750******88700SBIN000038904/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
5 HOSHANGABAD190257Singhs Model School, Itarsi 4,419******100012572BKID000949104/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
6 HOSHANGABAD189744Shivanjali Medil School Bhilpura Hoshangabad 17,676******010002744UBIN056131204/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
7 HOSHANGABAD182035Prakhar Bharati Higher Secondary School Jasalpur 26,400******0100196192PUNB020090004/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
8 HOSHANGABAD190260Radhakunj Gyansagar School Nimsadiya 35,352******010002797UBIN056131204/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
9 HOSHANGABAD189814Narmada Valley International school 17,676******43328521hdfc000369504/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
10 SIVNI MAALVA 190094Sahitya Public School, Kotlakhedi 13,257******110014240BKID000903904/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
11 SIVNI MAALVA 191590Sun Flower Convent School, Ranipur 1,10,342******110003619BKID000903904/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
12 SOHAGPUR188578SARASWATI GYAN STHALEE MIDDLE SCHOOL SOHAGPUR 73,150******210000078bkid000905604/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)