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Provisions of Right to Education Act, 2009
View e-Payment Orders Generated for Reimbursement of Fee to Private Schools
S.No.BlockProposal IDSchool
No of Students whose Fee Reimbursed
AmountSchool Bank Account NoSchool bank Branch IFS CodeTransaction DateStatus
1 DEPALPUR191774Betma Public High School Betma 6,26,400******68468SBIN001366007/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
2 DEPALPUR188617The Royal Academy 88,160******72998SBIN003002407/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
3 DEPALPUR189871SAHODAYA CONVENT 32,480******70000107SYNB000780507/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
4 DEPALPUR179123HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL 1,34,560******110001032BKID000881307/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
5 DEPALPUR189396FREEDAM PUBLIC SCHOOL 2,50,560******210000173BKID000881307/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
6 DEPALPUR178046SARSWATI GYAN MANDIR GAUTAMPURA 3,24,800******110002599BKID000881207/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
7 DEPALPUR191525New Great Career Convent Middle School 2,41,280******210000171BKID000881307/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
8 DEPALPUR186636MAHARSHI SANDIPAN CONVENT MADHYAMIK VIDHYALAY DEPALPUR 1,71,680******210000077BKID000883807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
9 DEPALPUR188605AADARSH VIDHYA NIKETAN 99,940******110004578BKID000882807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
10 DEPALPUR189994NARAYAN VIDHYA VIHAR SUMTHA 18,560******210000027BKID000882807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
11 DEPALPUR177523Saraswati Gyan Mandir A. 2,87,680******210000260BKID000883807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
12 DEPALPUR190228Saraswati Gyan Mandir A. 5,66,080******110005392BKID000881807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
13 DEPALPUR188031Maa Gayatri Vidhya Mandir 97,440******210000173BKID000883807/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
14 DEPALPUR184996Fathima Conwent School Dharmat 68,900******110000016BKID0NAMRGB07/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
15 DEPALPUR189095Divya Prakash Academy 55,680******15667292HDFC000129107/10/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)