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A suite of online applications to facilitate and enforce Effective & Transparent implementation of various
Provisions of Right to Education Act, 2009
View e-Payment Orders Generated for Reimbursement of Fee to Private Schools
S.No.BlockProposal IDSchool
No of Students whose Fee Reimbursed
AmountSchool Bank Account NoSchool bank Branch IFS CodeTransaction DateStatus
1 ATER185843UTKARSH ACADEMY 10,800******7868CBIN028078304/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
2 BHIND150644DEENANATH PRI./MIDDLE SCHOOL BHIND 41,600******00009527PSIB000027104/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
3 BHIND151493Ebenezer Mission Pri./Middle School 97,218******000001164IOBA000265604/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
4 GOHAD190397Sarswati Shishu Mandir 4,200******10014127UCBA000114004/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
5 GOHAD154298Harshan Vidhya Niketan Madhyamik Vidhyalaya 16,800******0393CBIN028117404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
6 GOHAD186195Harshan Vidhya Niketan Madhyamik Vidhyalaya 8,400******0393CBIN028117404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
7 LAHAR192301Mahatma Jyotiva Rao Fule Convent School Daboh Destt. Bhind M.P. 4,100******030005792BKID0NAMRGB04/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
8 LAHAR174314RASHTRAVEER DURGADAS PRIMARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL DABOH DISTT. BHIND M.P. 3,800******23784SBIN003012404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
9 LAHAR157593Swyam Prabha P/M/H School Daboh 4,000******10009284UCBA000108104/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
10 LAHAR164934MORDAN GURUKUL ACADEMY 79,542******10000120UCBA000108104/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
11 LAHAR151679Shree Dau Dyal P./M. School 53,028******3320CBINO28194404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
12 LAHAR152368Gurukul Convent School 60,995******10087480UCBA000108104/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
13 LAHAR185186Sarswati Shishu/Vidhya Mandir Aswar 13,257******6953CBINO28194404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
14 LAHAR160809FUTURE PUBLIC SCHOOL DABOH 97,218******09931SBIN001084204/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
15 MEHGAON174473PRIYANSHI SCHOLARS PUBLIC SCHOOL 13,257******0678CBIN028078304/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
16 MEHGAON186540PRIYANSHI SCHOLARS PUBLIC SCHOOL 4,419******0678CBIN028078304/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)
17 RAUN162210SANSKAR VIDYA NIKETAN MIHONA 14,400******5776CBIN028078404/12/2019Success (Fee Amount Reimbursed)