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mShiksh Mitra Mobile App


Employees can mark their attendance through M-Shiksha Mitra App

SMS Center

Send sms to DEO, DPC, BRC, BEO and on any other number.

Pay Slip

Employees can see their Pay Slips


Employees can register Out Of School Childrens / Children With Special Needs.


Employees can View Circulars, Alerts, Notices, News of education portal.


Employees can apply for leave thrgouh M-Shiksha Mitra Mobile Application


Employees can register Grievances relates to school and student with Photograph through this app

NPS Details

Employees can view NPS Details through this App.


Employees can view scholarship details of Student with their Samagra ID

Birth Day's

Employees can view birth days of their colleague.

m-Shiksha Mitra Mobile Application


What is the m-Shiksha Mitra App

m-Shiksha Mitra app is a Mobile Application through which employees can do the following things.

What are features of the app

View the Government Order

View News on m-Shiksha Mitra

How can i download App

How can i use the App

What is my username / password

How can i get my password

I want to view my mobile number registered on portal

How can i get my mobile number updated

How can i mark my e-Attedance

How can i use other facilities of the App

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